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Buck's Bundle DVDs 1-3

New to What's in the Bible?

Begin a journey through the Bible with your family! In DVDs 1, 2, and 3, learn all about what the Bible is, who wrote it, and more. How does Genesis set the scene for the rest of history? How does Exodus show us God’s Great Rescue Plan? Find out with Buck’s Bundle!

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Complete the Series Bundle - Volumes 2-9

Complete the Series

Already have What’s in the Bible Vol. 1? If so, complete the entire series now by purchasing Volumes 2-13 with one click! Find out what happens in the Bible all the way from Exodus through Revelation with this DVD set of children’s Bible stories.

DVD Bundle Volumes 2-9 Curriculum Bundle 2-13

Digital Editions of DVDs

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Take What’s In The Bible? with you wherever you go! Purchase digital versions and load these Bible stories for children to your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, or other mobile devices. Digital episodes are the perfect way to keep the kids engaged and entertained on-the-go!


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Get the Music

Get the Music - Songs from Whats in the Bible

Sing along with Buck Denver and friends (including the Fabulous Bentley Brothers)! Get the What’s In The Bible? CD to listen to your favorite songs in the car or around the house.


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Church Curriculum

With fully customizable lessons, the What’s In The Bible? Church Edition is perfect for churches of any size! Take your children’s ministry through the Bible while laughing and learning!


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