Best Easter Coloring Pages

Looking for Easter coloring pages? We’ve put together a list of our 11 favorite Easter coloring pages from around the web:

1. Jesus on the Cross Coloring Page from What’s in the Bible?

This Jesus on the Cross coloring page comes from What’s in the Bible? Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News!


2. Empty Tomb Coloring Page from What’s in the Bible?

This free downloadable coloring page shows the empty tomb – Jesus is risen! Celebrate the real reason for Easter.

Empty Tomb Easter Coloring Page Resurrection Sunday

3. Easter Cross Coloring Page from Crayola

This free coloring page from Crayola shows the cross with lilies:

Cross Easter Coloring Page


4. He is Risen Coloring Page from Ministry-to-Children

He is risen! Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with this Easter coloring page from Ministry-to-Children:

He is Risen Easter Coloring Page

5. Palm Sunday Coloring Page from Ministry-to-Children

This Palm Sunday coloring page shows Jesus riding on a donkey into Jerusalem:

Palm Sunday Coloring Page

6. Easter Blessing Coloring Page from Twisty Noodle

Download this free Easter Blessing page from Twisty Noodle.

Easter Blessing Coloring Page

7. Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page from Twisty Noodle

This coloring page will help you remember that Jesus loves us so much!

Jesus Loves Me Coloring Page

8. Easter Coloring Pages from Bible Story Printables

Download this collection of Easter coloring pages from Bible Story Printables:

Easter Coloring Page

9. Jesus is Risen Coloring Page from What’s In The Bible?

Download this coloring page celebrating that Jesus is Risen – from Phil Vischer’s new book What is Easter?, available now at


10. New Life (John 10:10b) Coloring Page from What’s In The Bible?

Download this new coloring page celebrating New Life from Phil Vischer’s new book, What is Easter?available now at


11. What Is Easter? Cover Coloring Page from What’s In The Bible?

Download this coloring page from the cover of the new book from Phil Vischer – What is Easter? Available now at


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Thank you for all the wonderful free resources.  We greatly appreciate them!  God bless.

Rachel Whitman
Rachel Whitman

Easter has nothing to do with Christ's resurrection. Passover does

Diana Riddle
Diana Riddle

It shouldnt be called easter it should be called resurrect sunday .easter means ashtroth in hebrew and it is a false goddess of fertility

What's in the Bible?
What's in the Bible?

You're very welcome. The links in the main post are now fixed too. Thanks again for alerting us to this issue.

Jennifer Andersen
Jennifer Andersen

I get the dreaded "404 Page cannot be found" message when I click on the links. Seems to be an ongoing problem as I tried opening them several days ago and got the same message. :(


Great coloring pages! Thanks

Amy Malaise
Amy Malaise

The links to the What's in the Bible coloring pages appear to be broken.