What is the Meaning of Easter and How Can We Celebrate it?


With Easter bunnies and candy abounding, how can we focus on the true meaning of Easter time – the Resurrection? Find out all the details about the history of Easter below, plus discover ideas for talking to your kids about the crucifixion, and a few ideas for celebrating together as a family.

History and Meaning of Easter

Easter Series: What Is Easter?

Find out the basics about Easter: what is Easter? Why is it called Easter? Why is Easter on a different date each year?

Easter Video Series: What is the Meaning of Easter?

In this post, dig in a little deeper into the meaning of Easter – more specifically, Holy Week and the Resurrection. Some Christian denominations place emphases on different parts of Holy Week and Phil Vischer explains what Jesus went through that week in a powerful video clip. This is a great post to share with your friends and family that may have questions about Jesus!

What is Holy Week?

To understand the importance of Easter, we should first understand the importance of Holy Week. It is against the darkness of Holy Week that Easter Day is especially bright.

Phil Vischer on Easter

Rediscovering The Symbols Of Easter

Phil Vischer appeared on Family Life Today to discuss the symbols of Easter and how Christians can use them to teach the gospel. Read more thoughts on how eggs and bunnies can point us toward Jesus rather than splitting Easter into what seems like two very different holidays.

Phil Vischer Talks to Focus on the Family about Easter

Listen to a broadcast of Phil Vischer talking with Jim Daly, Dr. Juli Slattery, and John Fuller on the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. Phil discussed how to talk to kids of different ages about Easter.

Easter Video Series: How Does DVD 10 Tell the Story of Easter and Share the Gospel?

After he finishes the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Vischer takes a few minutes to talk to kids about what those events mean for our lives. Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God – and we are all invited to be a part of it. But, as Vischer explains in the video, that conversation is tricky to have from a screen.

Easter Video Series: How do you Teach the Bible Story of Jesus to Kids?

What Vischer aimed to do in Volume 10 of his What’s in the Bible? series, though, was more than tell the facts. He wanted kids to have an emotional response to what they were learning about Jesus.

Kids and Easter

Easter Video Series: How To Focus on the True Meaning of Easter

When Easter rolls around each year, it can be easy (especially for children) to think about Easter as a fun Sunday morning, with new clothes and maybe an Easter basket filled with favorite candy and a new toy. But Easter is so much more than that – Easter is Resurrection Sunday! It is a day to joyfully celebrate Jesus’ gift to the whole world and what his resurrection from the dead means for those who follow him.

Five Ways to Prepare Children For Easter

Easter is a glorious day when we celebrate together the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Children get excited on Easter, but sometimes they don’t always understand what Easter is about. Read about five ways that we can prepare children for Easter.

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Resurrection

Is crucifixion too scary of a subject for kids? How do we talk with our kids about Jesus’ death in ways that are age-appropriate?

Voices: How Do You Make Easter Meaningful for your Family?

We asked some bloggers how they make Easter meaningful for their family. Find out their answers in this round-up.

Easter Activities and Crafts

Easter Songs and Prayers

Celebrate the Resurrection with Easter songs and prayers like “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” See more songs and read prayers from various denominations.

Best Easter Coloring Pages

Looking for Easter coloring pages? We’ve put together a list of our 8 favorite Easter coloring pages from around the web.

Creating Meaningful Easter Traditions As A Family

Taking the time to establish traditions to celebrate Easter has been important to our family. Our kids look forward to these traditions, and, even as they get older, these family traditions bind us together. They help us to have fun together and focus us on the real meaning of Easter- the death and resurrection of Christ and His sacrifice for us.

Easter Invitations

Invite friends to church or family to Easter brunch with these downloadable, color-able, customizable invitations declaring “He Is Risen!”

Resurrection Eggs Craft Project for Easter

With this easy craft, you can make Easter eggs meaningful by placing scripture inside to help your children understand and reflect on Holy Week.


Jesus Is The Good News See more about Jesus’ death and resurrection in the DVD “Jesus Is The Good News!” Phil and friends explain the life and ministry of Jesus – then reflect on what His death on the cross means for us.


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