6 Resources for Helping Special Needs Kids Feel at Home in Church

With this month being Autism Awareness month, we wanted to round up some of the best materials from the What’s in the Bible? blog to help you as church leaders and parents create ways kids with special needs can feel welcomed, cared for, and loved at church.  The following blogs are written by two women who have firsthand experience in this department.  Katie Wetherbee is a special needs educator, consultant, advocate, and mom of a special needs kids.   Sharon Miller is a freelance writer and mom with a child on the autism spectrum.   Whether you’re a ministry leader hoping to better connect with your students, or a mom or dad looking for tips on how to help your child transition into church and meet new friends, these are for you.

10 Things Ministry Leaders Should Know - FB

10 Things Ministry Leaders Should Know About Kids with Autism – Autism, a neurobiological disorder, affects one in 68 children in the United States, and can affect a child’s ability to communicate, make friends, and participate in school and community activities.  Katie shares 10 common characteristics of autism that can help ministry leaders understand and better serve children with autism.

7 Tips Autism - FB

7 Tips for Welcoming and Teaching Children with Autism – Creating an environment that welcomes families affected by autism takes time and effort, but the results can be heartwarming.  Here are 7 tips for helping kids in your class feel at home.

7 Tips for Modifying Lesson Plans - FB

7 Tips for Modifying Lesson Plans for Children with Special Needs – By demonstrating flexibility and understanding, teachers can modify curriculum to meet the needs of the unique learners who arrive at church each week.  Help kids in your ministry feel nurtured with these recommendations.


7 Tips for Teaching Children with ADHD – Ministry leaders and pastors can employ these simple strategies for increasing attention and helping kids with ADHD feel successful at church.

5 Tips for Worshipping with Your Special Needs Kid

5 Tips for Worshipping with a Special Needs Child – A Mother’s Perspective – “As the mother of a special needs child, I can honestly say that some things which seem quite ordinary and routine to others can be huge obstacles for us! Taking the whole family to the same church service can be one of those huge obstacles.”  Are you a parent in the community who can relate to this feeling?  You’re not alone!  Learn things that have helped Sharon and her family worship together at church.

How to Plan a Play Date - FB

How to Help Cultivate Friendships for Your Child with Special Needs – Discover useful advice for parents and advocates to help children on the spectrum feel safe, accepted and competent through organized play dates.  These ideas are also great for your children’s ministry!

Are you a parent of a kid with special needs?  What advice would you like to share with church leaders and other parents?

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