A Mom’s Perspective on What’s in the Bible: Vol. 10


Happy summer, everyone! In this 8-part series, blogger Heather Conrad and her family will be walking through My Jesus Journal, an activity guide created to help children develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how they can come to know Him.

Phil Vischer and his wonderful team of talented individuals have done it again! The video series of What’s In the Bible? allows families to experience the whole Bible along with their kids. As stated with the video literature, this series wanted to tackle the problem of kids growing up without a clear understanding of their own faith. In an effort to provide foundational knowledge of the Bible, this series attempts to launch its viewers on a lifelong walk with God. Let me tell you, it surely delivers!

MJJ-e1370289159114Volume 10, Phil and his wonderful cast of both cartoon and puppet characters, not only review the Old Testament content of volumes #1-9, but also give a wonderful interlude to the Gospels of the New Testament. Through clever theme songs and lovable characters, the creators display the Bible in terms of “taking the truth of heaven and then dropping it in our laps”.

As an adult, I was mesmerized. As an adult, I too learned. As a Mom, hearing my children recite the truth told through the characters, either in song or the spoken word, has melted my heart and inspired me to have a conversation about the content viewed. The material has stuck with them, and they, in turn, naturally share this truth with others. As an educator, I also appreciate the attention to detail given to a variety of learning styles. Visual learners are hit with an array of colors, graphical pictures, and even an analogy of two picture puzzles in 3-D format that together create a tie in viewing the Bible as a whole. Auditory learners are stimulated with both slow and fast paced musical numbers and information.

Overall, this series is not only is Biblically sound, but presents hard to understand, historical information in a way that is fun and easy to remember. Again, these talented creators have utilized their God-given gifts to present difficult theology in a way that makes sense and is memorable. I also appreciated the Bonus feature offered. In this volume, creators tackled the history of why Catholic Bibles include additional books in their Bible. This presentation, again, has helped me understand, so that, in turn, I can talk about it with my children.

I highly recommend this series to people of all ages. When my eight-year-old child can explain to me that God has saved us from the stain of sin, the power of sin, and the presence of sin, you have evidence that this material is a winner! I look forward to more videos that provide and promote even more perspective into the life of Jesus through the New Testament and recommend that you get your hands on this entire series. God bless!

Originally published in May of 2016.


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