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Yes, the name is long. But there's no faster way to get answers to all your questions of a scientifical nature. (And you can call him "Dr. Schniff" for short."


Dr. Schniffenhousen wanted to be a NASA scientist but was rejected for thinking too far outside of the box. His wonder for the world of science and sharing that interest led him to JellyTelly, and as the show's Chief Science Contributor, he answers your questions about God's amazing world.

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DVD 5 Trailer

DVD 5 Trailer

Israel Gets a King! 1 and 2 Samuel – Includes TWO 25-minute episodes: The People Want a King! covering 1 Samuel and the life of Saul as Israel’s first king, and Kings Make Mistakes Too! covering 2 Samuel and the …

What Is the Trinity?

What Is the Trinity?

In this video from Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 5: Israel Gets a King! [1 & 2 Samuel], Dr. Schniffenhousen answers the question, “what is the trinity?“. What is the Trinity? IAN What’s a “trinity?” CLIVE What’s …