Battle for the Promised Land

In Volume 4 [Joshua, Judges & Ruth], the Israelites finally make it to the Promised Land. Ian wonders why they have so many battles once they are there, like the famous battle of Jericho. Buck Denver and his friends introduce the Historical Books and the judges, and Chester Whigget tells the Bible’s great love story – Ruth and Boaz!

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Joshua becomes the new leader of the Israelites and they enter the Promised Land only to find - they have to fight for it! Learn about the battle of Jericho and why they had to fight and kill people.
Cap'n Pete sings about the cycle of apostasy and the Bentley Brothers introduce the judges, who God sent to the Israelites to help keep them on track. Chester Whigget's Popsicle Stick Theater presents the story of Ruth and Boaz like you've never seen before!

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