1 John 3:17 – Verse of the Day 7/11/13

1John 3-17
In order to understand this verse it is necessary to read the verses that come immediately before and after it. In verse 16, we discover that Jesus is the living picture of true love, most clearly demonstrated in his sacrificial death for our salvation. In verse 18, John reminds us that we are to love not only with our words, but with our actions. Just as Jesus was the word made flesh – the living word or the word in action, so are we to love others as a sign that we have truly placed our trust in Him. If we really possess the love of God we will long to share it with others in practical ways.

As you pray, allow this verse to convict your heart. The reality is that we very often do not love others as God has loved us. Ask God to forgive you for your lack of love and to help you to understand the extent of his love for us. As you consider the love of God, pictured most clearly in Jesus’ sacrificial death in our place, ask God to enable you to share that love with others.

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