1 Peter 1:15-16 – Verse of the Day 5/13/14

1 Peter 1:15-16 Verse of the Day

We live in a world of infinite choices. Do you think this always makes us more free? Are you ever paralyzed when you stand in front of an ice cream counter and have to choose just one flavor? Isn’t it funny how sometimes the more choices we have the harder it is to choose just one thing?

Peter realized this when he wrote the letter in which this verse is included. When God makes us free in Christ, He also gives our lives a particular purpose. He knows it is not good for us to choose just any way to live, but that following Him is the best way to live. This is what it means to be holy. It means to be set apart for a specific purpose, to be set apart to follow God.

This means that God has not only saved us from our sin, but He has also saved us for a purpose. Pray that you would not take the gift of forgiveness lightly, but rather would be encouraged by the extravagance of God’s love and mercy for us. Ask the Lord for a heart that desires to grow in holiness and a life that reflects God’s character to others.

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