1 Peter 4:13 – Verse of the Day 3/2/14

1 Peter 4:13 Verse of the Day

Peter wrote this letter to Christians experiencing persecution and suffering.  After explaining that Christians should pattern their own lives after the life of Christ, in verse 12 Peter points out that this includes our willingness to suffer. In fact we should rejoice when we suffer for Jesus’ sake, and even desire to have a share in his suffering. Our suffering does not forgive sins, but it does identify us with our Savior who loved us and gave himself for us.

We do not naturally desire suffering, and in fact will frequently go to great lengths to avoid it. Yet Jesus went to great lengths in order to suffer on our behalf. Pray that God would give you the will and even the desire to suffer for his sake. Thank the Lord that he promises that we will not only share in Christ’s suffering but also his eternal glory.

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