2 Timothy 1:7 Verse of the Day 11/17/13

2 Timothy 1:7 Verse of the Day

Paul offers this encouragement to Timothy on the basis of his upbringing in the faith. His mother and grandmother taught him the faith, and he himself was personally committed to it (verse 5), and so he had a long personal history of growth in his relationship with God through Jesus. On the basis of this foundation, Paul encourages Timothy to be bold in the calling that God had given him. God gives us the gifts to carry out our callings and calls us to be bold in using them.

Pray that you would be bold in using the gifts that God has given you. As you pray, consider the specific gifts and talents that God has given you in your Christian faith. Pray that you would be faithful to develop those gifts in order to serve God and others. Whether you are a pastor like Timothy or God has given you some other role to serve in the body of Christ, pray for the wisdom to discern that role and the boldness to carry it out.

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