3 John 2 – Verse of the Day 9/13/14

3 John 2 Verse of the Day
The Bible values both life in this world and life in the world to come. It also values both the spiritual and the physical realms. As Christians we are always tempted to view these things as “either/or” categories, but in the Bible they are “both/and.” Both are important. At the same time, verses like this suggest to us that while the Bible values this world and the physical, the priority is usually on the eternal and the spiritual.

This verse is part of the opening of John’s very brief second letter, and after wishing his readers well John is quick to say that he hopes it goes well with their souls. He hopes things go well with them, but he especially hopes that their souls are well. He has good reason for such a hope. Jesus has purchased the souls of his people and healed them eternally with his own blood. Therefore, if we have faith in Christ we have the same hope that John had: we know that it is well with our souls.

Spend some time in prayer thanking God for his faithfulness to us. Ask for the faith to believe that whatever happens to us in this life our souls are secure for eternity. Pray that your trust in this promise would lead you to live for God in the here and now.

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