Ecclesiastes 2:26 – Verse of the Day 10/21/14

Ecclesiastes 2:26 Verse of the Day

If someone were to look at the way you live your life and how you spend your time, what do you think they would say is most important to you? What would they say is the purpose of your life? How we spend our time tells us a lot about what we are living for. The Bible teaches us that a wise life is a life lived for God.

The term “vanity” in Ecclesiastes means the same thing as “meaningless.” According to the author of Ecclesiastes, only a Christian perspective can make life meaningful. Without a God who is outside of time and able to give us eternal life, our striving in this present life is meaningless, for everything we “gather and collect” will pass away. For those who know God, however, our earthly lives have eternal significance.

Thank the Lord that He has given you an eternal life with an eternal perspective. As you pray, consider whether there are any areas of your life where you are tempted to live without such an eternal perspective. Ask the Lord for the wisdom to discern those areas and the desire to follow God more faithfully.

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Its so odd that people who believe so strongly in the Bible can interpret it so poorly. Ecclesiastes has so much to offer us and can help deliver us from the self destructive work habits that are destroying our relationships and our society. Yet the book is completely buried under teachings about "meaningless" (a word not found in the book) and is used to rationalize faith instead of enriching it. 

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