Ecclesiastes 3:12 – Verse of the Day 10/29/14

Ecclesiastes 3:12 Verse of the Day

Have you ever been struck by amazement when you look at something in God’s creation? Maybe you have stood on the top of a mountain, looked out the window of an airplane, wondered at the diversity of life at a zoo or aquarium, or just thought for a moment about the complexity of the human eye. When we pause to think about the world that we live in, it is hard not to praise the God who made it.

This section of Ecclesiastes focuses upon God’s work as creator and judge. It teaches us that God’s wisdom is infinite, and he has a purpose in all things. God’s wondrous work as creator should lead us to praise Him for his creation. The wise response to the wonder of creation is to recognize our creator and praise Him with joy.

Spend some time in prayer praising God for the wonderful creation that He has designed and brought into being. Ask the Lord to help you to be faithful to your calling in this creation, and to discern the specific gifts that God has given you for carrying out that calling. Thank the Lord for making Himself known to you and giving you purpose.

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