Ecclesiastes 8:15 – Verse of the Day 1/16/15

Ecclesiastes 8:15 Verse of the Day
Have you ever thought about the relationship between wisdom and joy? What does being wise have to do with being joyful? These are two things that we don’t always think are related, but this verse teaches us that they are. What is the connection?

To understand the connection, we have to see that this verse lies buried at the heart of a section of Ecclesiastes that tries to answer this question: “What advantage has a wise man over a fool?” In this verse, one advantage is that the wise person finds joy by being content with what God has given for each day. Life is difficult, but everyday there is still much that should lead us to rejoice.

Pray that the Lord would make you wise to appreciate the joys of everyday life. Ask the Lord not only to give you this wisdom for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of those around you. Give the Lord thanks for what He has done for you, seek contentment, and rejoice that you have a Creator and Redeemer who knows you, loves, you, and gives your life purpose and meaning.

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