Ephesians 3:11a – Verse of the Day 3/13/14

Ecclesiastes 3:11a Verse of the Day

After opening the chapter by declaring, “there is a time for everything,” the teacher of Ecclesiastes offers a series of examples in the verses that follow before restating his thesis in this verse. Those who lack an eternal perspective may recognize the passing of time and the reality of history, but they cannot understand the purpose or goal of everything that happens. However, those who wisely place their trust in God know that everything happens in order to glorify God. 

As you pray, ask the Lord to give you an eternal perspective. Ask the Lord to make you wise to see that everything that happens is part of God’s eternal plan to bring glory to His name through His works of creation and providence. Pray that you would believe in your heart that any human plan that is contrary to God’s plan is destined to fail and bring disappointment. Pray that he would mold your desires to match His own perfect will.

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