Ephesians 6:24 – Verse of the Day 6/8/14

Ephesians 6:24 Verse of the Day

If God, who is perfect, holy, and righteous, can forgive us for rejecting Him and for our sin that put Jesus on the cross, how should we respond? The book of Ephesians was written in part to answer questions like this, and this verse comes near the conclusion. All who love Jesus receive grace and incorruptible love. The words in this verse that stand out are “all” and “incorruptible.” Why are these two words so important?

In a world where “love” is often seen as fleeting and impermanent, it is especially striking that Paul would close one of his most cherished letters by offering such a countercultural description of love and grace. The love of God is not merely an emotion that comes and goes, but an incorruptible expression of God’s intentions for us. The grace of God is not something that we can earn, and therefore not something that we can lose. The grace and love of God are gifts that cannot be taken away.

How should these realities shape the way we respond to God and in our relationships with other Christians? As you pray, thank the Lord for lavishing such a love upon you and consider how you might respond to it with gratitude.

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