Galaxy Buck Coloring Page (First Poster)

Welcome to the world of Galaxy Buck – the new series from
What’s in the Bible? and VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer!


In this follow-up to the What’s in the Bible? series, Buck Denver wants to do BIG things for God and spread the Good News he knows from the Bible as far as he possibly can. Join Buck on a mission to share God’s love this fall in the first installment of Galaxy Buck!

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Download the first coloring page from Galaxy Buck.


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I don't know how I learned about "What's in the Bible?" (WITB) but at 58 years old, I own all of the DVDs and am currently reading Phil's autobiography.  Before I heard about WITB I began working on a web version of the puppet shows I did 30 years ago.  I'm still writing the first episode because I now have a plan on what I'd actually like to do, teach basic Christianity in a Muppet Show format.  I've been looking at the out takes in the WITB series to see what I can learn, also the reason for reading Phil's book.  I'd like to see a "making of" video on either current or Galaxy Buck series so that I can learn more.  I'm looking forward to Galaxy Buck because even though I have a number of VeggieTales, I had all or most of the 321 Penguins.


The What's in the Bible series is absolution the best. I enjoyed them as an adult!  Well done!