Genesis 1:31 – Verse of the Day 2/23/14

Genesis 1:31 Verse of the Day

This verse concludes and summarizes the work of God on the first six days of creation and sets the stage for the day of rest that follows in the following verses. God acknowledges the goodness of his creation six times, the first five times pronouncing his work “good” and here in this concluding statement characterizing it as “very good.” We can easily see that the world God created was perfect and lacked nothing. It is this perfection that has been destroyed by sin and we long for God to restore it when Jesus returns to set all things right at his second coming (Romans 8:18-25).

Although the world is now broken and corrupted by sin, we can still recognize shadows of its original perfection when we stop and pay attention. The beauty of this world, even in its fallen state, calls us to recognize and worship our Creator. Spend some time in prayer, praising God for his work of creation, and asking Him to complete His work of redemption. Thank Him not only for creating you, but for redeeming you from your sins.

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