Hebrews 10:39 – Verse of the Day 4/8/14

Hebrews 10:39 Verse of the Day

The Bible is full of surprises, but sometimes you have to pay close attention to notice them. For example, the book of Hebrews has a “Hall of Faith” that lists a bunch of people in the Old Testament who trusted in God. There’s nothing surprising about that fact, but what is surprising is who is on the list. It is worth reading sometime if you haven’t done it recently (Hebrews 11).

The description of faith in this book is also a little bit surprising. Although we might naturally think of faith as something that we have rather than something that we do, this verse teaches us that true faith doesn’t just sit around waiting. After all, those who “shrink back” are destroyed! This verse teaches us that true faith, the kind that preserves our souls, is a bold faith that is not afraid to act. Spend some time in prayer thanking God for the gift of faith and ask him to make your faith both strong and bold. Think of specific ways that you can follow God in seeking bold faith.

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