Isaiah 12:2 – Verse of the Day 1/31/14

Isaiah 12:2 Verse of the Day

In Isaiah 12, the prophet sings a song of praise. The song will be for the people of Israel when God redeems them and restores them to their land. The previous chapters ruthlessly criticized Israel for her hypocrisy and pride, but here Isaiah rests on the faithfulness of the Lord in the face of the faithlessness of His people. When God restores His people, they will sing His praise, rediscover their trust in Him, and have no fear.

God’s promises to Israel are no less true for us today. As you pray, ask the Lord to reveal your pride and hypocrisy. As you ask the Lord to forgive your sin, ask Him to strengthen your faith and remove your fear, just as He has promised. Pray that the Lord would be your strength, and that you would not rely on your own ability or resources. Thank God for his faithfulness over and against our own faithlessness.

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