Isaiah 26:3 – Verse of the Day 3/4/13

This verse comes towards the climax of Isaiah’s prophecy of impending judgment for the nation of Israel at the hand of the Assyrians. Although this judgment was the consequence of Israel’s faithlessness, God mercifully promised to restore His people. The perfect peace spoken of in this verse rightly belongs to any person who places their faith and trust in the one true God.

When life gets hard where do you turn for comfort? Do you seek peace by trusting in God alone, or do you look to some other source of comfort that cannot truly offer it? God promises to give us peace when we turn our minds on him, so spend some time asking God to help you trust Him to do that.

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We just discovered this Bible Series from our local public library.... my boys have enjoyed checking one or two out each week for the last few weeks and watching them several times before we have to turn them back in to the library.  You have packed A LOT of information in these videos and [as a parent] I am impressed with the depth of information you are sharing in an entertaining [and comical] manner. 

Thanks so much for producing these videos!