Isaiah 43:2 – Verse of the Day 9/6/14

Isaiah 43:2 Verse of the Day
Occasionally, a magician will amaze us with the seeming ability to walk on fire or escape from an underwater trap. Houdini was a famous magician whose fame was built on tricks just like that. One reason that his exploits captured his audiences’ attention was that they knew it was really just a trick, they wondered how he did it, and they could not figure it out. The puzzle of the trick is half the amazement.

The prophet Isaiah promised that the people of God would walk through fire and water unharmed as well, and the truly amazing thing about this verse is that it is not talking about a trick. Those who place their trust in Jesus will truly escape the judgments represented by the consuming fire and overwhelming water.

As you pray, thank God for the certainty of his gift of salvation. Take comfort in the promise of God that nothing can separate you from His love. Pray that when you experience life’s trials you would have the faith to believe the promise that God will heal your sin, remove your earthly burdens, and that nothing – not raging fires nor crashing waters, and not any sickness, suffering, or harm – can ultimately keep you from His healing mercy.

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