Isaiah 52:9 – Verse of the Day 7/19/13

At the end of chapter 51, God responds to the accusation that Israel’s troubles are the result of him “falling asleep” and failing to protect them. On the contrary, God declares that it is Israel that has been asleep, and he commands the people to wake up (51:17). Chapter 52 continues that command. God calls the people to wake up, listen to their watchmen, and praise the Lord. This verse comes towards the climax of these verses, as Isaiah calls the people of Israel to break forth into song and praise the God who comforts and redeems His people.

As you pray, hear Isaiah’s wake up call and praise the Lord for his promise to be with us always. When troubles come we may be tempted to think that God is asleep or that he does not care for us. Ask the Lord to prepare you for such times and to remember that when we feel this way it is we who are sleeping!

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