Isaiah 53:5 – Verse of the Day 9/9/14

Isaiah 53:5 Verse of the Day
If one of your friends or a member of your family was sick and nearing death, would you be willing to take that person’s sickness in order that he or she might be healed? How much would you have to love the person in order to make that kind of sacrifice?

In fact, this is exactly the sacrifice that Jesus undertook in order to give us eternal life. He did it not only for you, but for every person who places their trust in Him. The Bible teaches us that the punishment for every sin is eternal death, and Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to take that punishment in order to heal us eternally. What kind of love is this?

As you pray, consider the love of the God who loved you enough to die for you when you were yet a sinner. Remember that you have been given the gift of eternal life, and ask the Lord to help you to see how you can live your life for Him more faithfully. Thank the Lord for such a wonderful sacrifice as well as the gift of a new life with eternal meaning.

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