Isaiah 55:8 – Verse of the Day 5/28/13

This verse lies in the midst of Isaiah’s invitation that all who are thirsty come to God to be satisfied. This invitation is grounded in the previous passage that recounts the blessings given to all who respond to God’s invitation. These blessings themselves are grounded in God’s character and his faithfulness to his covenant promises (55:3). God’s ways are beyond our ways and his thoughts are not comprehensible, but he has graciously condescended to reveal himself to us and call us to trust in Him for salvation.

While the character and ways of God are truly beyond human comprehension, we are called to rejoice and respond to those things that he has made known to us. We might not be able to understand everything about God, but through His word and in Jesus we can certainly see His love and sacrifice for us. Even many parts of God’s word may be difficult to understand, but the path of salvation is made abundantly clear. Praise and thank God for the wonder and simplicity of this reality!

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