James 4:8 – Verse of the Day 8/7/14

James 4:8 Verse of the Day

Do you ever catch yourself thinking things that you know don’t make any sense? Are you ever tempted to do things that you know are absolutely bad for you? When we stop and think we know that these thought patterns and actions are bad for us, but sometimes it is hard to stop and think. Sometimes the sin in our hearts might even make us feel like we have two minds!

This verse is all about this very corrupting influence of sin on our minds, and this theme is a big one in the letter of James. For James, a double-minded person forgets God, thinks he doesn’t need God, forgets God’s law, and even forgets his own identity as a new creation in Christ. In this verse, the person who believes in Christ and yet remains in sin is also described as double-minded.

It is so easy to forget that our faith in Christ changes who we are. As you pray, ask the Lord to help you remember who you are because of your relationship with Him. Consider areas of your life that might require repentance and adjustment as a result of this reality, and ask God to give you the strength to live according to His definition of human identity rather than any other one.

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