Job 5:17-18 – Verse of the Day 9/25/14

Job 5:17-18 Verse of the Day
Do parents who refuse to discipline their children really love them? We might be tempted to answer, “yes” to this question, because we don’t enjoy discipline. But if we think about it a little more, the answer has to be, “no.” Parents who love their children know that letting a child do whatever he or she wants is simply unhealthy and probably dangerous.

This verse is advice given to Job by one of his friends after he suffered a great deal. While not all of the friend’s advice was very helpful, this verse is very much a good reminder. When God disciplines his people he always intends it for our ultimate good. It may not feel good at the time, but we know that God uses discipline to teach us, to challenge us, and to draw us to himself.

As you pray, ask the Lord to teach you and discipline you where needed. Ask for the willingness to receive God’s discipline, and for a willing heart to respond to it. Thank God that He loves us enough to guide us as a loving Father.

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