Joel 2:23 – Verse of the Day 8/10/14

Joel 2:23 Verse of the Day

Although there are some plants and animals that can survive in the desert, they are usually few and always far between. The hot temperatures, but especially the lack of water make it very difficult to live. As a result, it is not surprising that water is one of the most common word pictures in the Bible. Jesus is the living water who gives us life.

This verse is from the sections of Joel that are so frequently cited by the authors of the New Testament when they want to talk about how God pours himself out in order to give us life.  Here Joel speaks of rain is a sign of God’s promise of renewal. Just as the Lord is sovereign over the elements, he is sovereign over all good things, and He is the giver of good gifts to his people.

God’s greatest promise was to provide a sacrifice so that we might be forgiven for our sin, and Jesus was the ultimate fulfillment of that promise. Spend some time thanking God for the renewal of your soul through the gift of faith in our risen savior. God’s mercy in forgiving our sin is an extravagant provision, and it calls us to give Him thanks and praise.

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