John 1:9 – Verse of the Day 10/13/14

John 1:9 Verse of the Day

If you have ever been in a place so dark that you could not see your hands in front of your face, you know that it can be shocking when someone suddenly turns on the light. Even the smallest bit of light eliminates the total darkness, and the sudden flipping of a light switch can make a normal amount of light seem so bright that it makes your eyes hurt.

In John’s Gospel “light” signifies the truth of God, most clearly seen in the person and work of Jesus. Whereas God’s light was a special gift to the people of Israel under the old covenant, under the new covenant it is declared openly to everyone. This verse is a beautiful communication of God’s truth and teaches us the universal nature of the Gospel. All who hear it and believe will be saved. The revelation of God in the person of Jesus chases away the darkness.

As you consider that “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” in the person of Jesus, allow this miracle to lead you into a time of praise and thanksgiving. Thank God for the light that comes through the gifts of truth and forgiveness from sin. Praise Him for his mercy in revealing the truth to us who had rejected Him and chosen to live in darkness. Ask God to use His word to make you wise.

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