John 14:6 Verse of the Day 11/28/13

John 14:6 Verse of the Day

This verse is part of the opening to Jesus’ farewell discourse with his disciples. Here Jesus establishes the centrality of his own incarnation and work of redemption. There is no other way to the Father except through faith in His Son. As a result, there is great comfort available for those who do know the Son, for those who have communion with the God the Son likewise have communion with God the Father.

As you pray, consider God’s great mercy for you demonstrated in calling you to believe the truth. Ask the Lord to help you not only to believe, but to desire to follow “the way.” Consider whether there are any areas of your life that do not conform to God’s desires for his followers, and ask God to forgive you and help you to follow Him. Praise God for his infinite grace in revealing to you the truth of His salvation.

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