John 15:11 – Verse of the Day 1/18/15

John 15:11 Verse of the Day
Can you think of a person that you truly enjoy? It is always nice to have someone that is a joy to spend time with. The hard thing, of course, is that not everyone has a person like this, and even if you do, that person cannot be there all the time. Not only that, but even the best of friends will let us down from time to time.

This verse is part of the final teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples in John’s Gospel. It comes right after the point where Jesus told them that he was the vine and they were the branches. Jesus is connected to his people just like the branches of a vine! He calls us to remember that we have such close connection when life is difficult so that his joy may be in us in every situation. He also calls us to live in obedience to him when we remember that we are connected to him.

Christian obedience involves both self-surrender and sacrifice, and yet Jesus says that it leads to joy. As you pray, ask the Lord to fill your heart with gratitude for what He has done for you in order that you might serve Him joyfully.

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