John 15:13 – Verse of the Day 2/14/14

John 15:13 Verse of the Day

Jesus offered these words of comfort to his disciples before he was tried and crucified. Jesus is the one true vine, and the “fruit” that comes through genuine faith is a sign that we have been grafted onto him (15:4). Our faith itself is the gift of God’s love, most obviously demonstrated through the self-sacrifice of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sin. It is truly remarkable that Jesus sacrificed himself for us when we were separated from him as sinners.  We are united to Jesus as a result of his great love for us.

As you pray, remember that Jesus died for us when we were sinners who had rejected him.  As you remember the love that God has shown for us in this remarkable sacrifice, give thanks for the gift of fellowship that comes from being united to Christ through faith. Pray that you would demonstrate the same love to others that He has shown to you, and ask God to help you discern specific opportunities to do so.

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