John 16:33 – Verse of the Day 12/31/13

John 16:33 Verse of the Day

This verse concludes Jesus’ farewell discourse with his disciples and immediately precedes his prayer for himself, the disciples, and all believers in chapter 17. Jesus says that we can have peace because he will send the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Jesus had to leave in order to die for our sin, but he promised and in fact has sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. Jesus overcame death, sin, and the world through his resurrection from the grave, and we share in that victory by virtue of the fact that He lives in us through his Spirit.

As you pray, consider that the infinite and eternal God above all has chosen to dwell within you through His Holy Spirit. Because we continue to struggle with sin and doubt, we frequently forget this reality and live as if God is not with us. Spend some time in prayer thanking God for His presence with us and asking Him to comfort you and give you His peace.

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