Joshua 1:8 – Verse of the Day 10/11/14

Joshua 1:8 Verse of the Day

Where do people get courage? In stories and movies people often act courageously because they want to protect someone they love, because they want recognition from others, or because they are very dedicated to a goal. None of those things are necessarily wrong, but in the Bible true courage comes from something deeper. 

This verse about the importance of God’s Law is surrounded by verses before and after that speak of courage. God called Joshua, gave him a mission, and commanded him to be “strong and courageous” as he carried it out. Where would he find the source of his courage? God told him to find his source of courage in his Word. The Word of God was to be the source of his courage and the grounds of his success.

According to the Bible, true prosperity and success is not understood as the world defines it and comes only through the knowledge of and obedience to God’s Word. As you meditate on what God’s Word teaches about itself, spend some time in prayer asking God to help you trust Him, to love His word, and to seek to put its teaching into practice in order that you may be wise, courageous, and successful in all God desires.

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