Lamentations 3:25 – Verse of the Day 8/29/14

Lamentations 3:25 Verse of the Day

We live in a fast paced world that loves fast food, fast service, and fast communication. Have you ever thought about how this reality might affect your faith? The Bible places a significant emphasis on patience, and especially on waiting patiently for Christ’s return. How good are you at being patient?

The book of lamentations consists of passages of lament for sin followed by passages of comfort. This verse immediately follows a passage of lament and focuses on the good character of God. One of main points is that those who seek Him and wait patiently for Him receive comfort. God calls us to repent, take comfort in our forgiveness of sin, and then he calls us to respond by waiting patiently for Him to fulfill His promises.

As you pray, ask the Lord to make you grateful for His forgiveness and to help you see and long for His return. Pray that He will make you patient and give you the desire to seek Him. Ask the Lord to help you to see the magnitude of your sin in order that you might fully appreciate His great work of forgiveness. Praise the Lord, because He is good!

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