Luke 2:10 – Verse of the Day 8/19/14

Luke 2:10 Verse of the Day

Has there ever been a time where you received news that gave you hope? When the angels announced Jesus birth, it was definitely a message of hope, but if you read the Bible carefully you will notice that it was a message of hope from a fearful source.

Interestingly, in virtually every case of human interaction with angelic beings in the Bible, the immediate human response is sheer terror (for example, the verse right before this one). As God’s representatives, the angels reflect his holy and perfect nature, and when we are faced with such holiness we are right to tremble in fear. And yet, the angel told the shepherds not to fear, for Jesus took on flesh in order that we might be forgiven and enter into a relationship with the one true God.

Although God is a holy, he welcomes us into His arms through the work of Jesus for us. Praise God for the mystery that God himself took on flesh in order that we would no longer have to fear for our sin in His presence. Thank God for the forgiveness that is ours through Jesus. Take comfort, have hope, and be joyful, because Jesus Christ became a human being in order to give us communion with our Father in heaven.

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