Luke 2:11 – Advent Verse of the Day 12/25/13

Luke 2:11 Advent Verse of the Day

This is a verse packed with Old Testament allusions and theological significance. The author emphasizes that both David and Jesus were born in the same place (1 Samuel 17:12) in order to highlight Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s covenant promises in 2 Samuel 7.  The reference to Jesus as “savior” is also unique, one of only two times in the entire New Testament (the other is John 4:42). The word “Christ” is taken from the Greek rendering of the Hebrew word “Messiah,” and literally means “anointed one.”

Luke 2:11 teaches us that Jesus is God’s anointed one, our savior for our sins, and the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. God promised to save, and He was faithful to His promises. Spend some time in prayer thanking God for the gift of His Son, Jesus the Messiah. Consider the beautiful mystery of the fact that the eternal Son of God took on human flesh in order to live and die for our salvation.

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