Luke 5:32 Verse of the Day 11/13/13

Luke 5:32 Verse of the Day

Jesus made this statement after he ate with Matthew at his house and called him to be a disciple. At that time, tax collectors were viewed with extreme skepticism as a result of their dubious collection practices. As a result, the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders challenged Jesus with the question, “Why do you eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?” This verse is Jesus’ answer to that question.

Although we would like to associate ourselves with other characters in this story, perhaps even Matthew, much of the time our attitude is more like that of the disciples. Spend some time in prayer, humbly asking the Lord to help you to see your own need for Him. Ask the Lord to make you aware of your sin, in order that you can experience His forgiveness. Thank the Lord for the love He has shown to sinners like us.

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