Mark 16:6-7 – Verse of the Day 3/31/13


Mark’s Gospel has two climactic moments. The first climax is the confession of Jesus as the Son of God (15:39), and the second is here with the declaration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Given the prominence of Peter’s denial of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, it is significant that his name receives special emphasis here. Although these verses bring Mark’s Gospel to a close, they also indicate that the story has just begun. The scattered disciples, including the restored Peter, are to gather again in Galilee in order to advance Jesus’ mission.

The women went to the tomb expecting to see Jesus’ body, and they were shocked and filled with wonder to find he was not there; he had been raised from the dead! The angel’s command to announce the resurrection seemed like an obvious one to them – and one they could not wait to obey. Spend some time in prayer asking God to give you the same sense of wonder that led the early Christians to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus so boldly.

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