Matthew 27:54 – Verse of the Day 3/29/13


This verse in the Gospel of Matthew emphasizes the cosmic consequences of the death of Jesus. When Jesus shouldered the sin of the world, this was an action so significant that earthly signs of great magnitude attended it. The temple’s curtain was torn in two, the very foundations of the earth shook, and even tombs opened. These events emphasize that Jesus death destroyed everything that separated God from those who believe in him – even death itself. While the Jewish people did not recognize Jesus for who he was, this Gentile centurion did, and his awed response emphasizes that the covenant promises of God now belong to all who believe, Jew and Gentile.

When you respond to the death of Jesus, do you share the centurion’s awe? Does your familiarity with the story of Jesus tempt you to take it for granted? As you pray, remember the great sacrifice made by the living God on our behalf, and thank Him for the salvation that is ours in Jesus.

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