Matthew 5:14 – Verse of the Day 6/20/13


This verse is an allusion to Isaiah 60:1-3. In Isaiah “thick darkness is over the peoples (60:2), but the “glory of the Lord rises upon” the people of Israel as a result of God’s covenant with them (59:21). As a result the “Nations will come to your light” (60:3). With this background in mind, the meaning of Jesus’ words becomes clear. The light of God’s people is a reflection of His own glory, and it is a light given for the purpose of calling others to know Him.

We are called to live according to the Word of God in order that others might “see our good deeds and praise” our Father in Heaven. Spend some time in prayer considering not only the areas of your life in need of repentance and transformation for that purpose, but also for those who might listen to the message of salvation as a result of seeing the change that God is working in your life.

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