Matthew 8:17 – Verse of the Day 9/11/14

Matthew 8:17 Verse of the Day
Modern medicine is truly amazing. As a result of advances in medicine human beings live much longer now than they did thousands, hundreds, or even 50 years ago. Yet many diseases remain untreatable and we still are not able to escape death. Doctors may be able to cure many illnesses, but they are still only human.

When we look at the life of Jesus, however, it is clear that his power over sickness and death was far greater than that of any ordinary person. In fact, the people who watched him knew that only a person with supernatural powers could heal in the way that he did. This verse reminds us that Jesus’ ability to heal was a confirmation of his identity as the messiah of Old Testament prophecy. His ability to perform miraculous healings proved he was the promised Son of God, and His own resurrection from the dead proved something even more wonderful – that death, the penalty for our sin, itself was defeated.

As you pray, thank God that He promises not only to remove our sickness and infirmity but our sin as well. Thank Him especially that Jesus accomplished this by taking the penalty for our sin upon himself.

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