Nehemiah 12:43 – Verse of the Day 1/20/15

Nehemiah 12:43 Verse of the Day
What is the hardest job or assignment that you have ever finished successfully? How did you feel when you were done? When the Bible describes the successes of the people of Israel, it always reminds us that God gives us the ability to serve him successfully and that we should respond with joy when we do.

In this verse, the people of Israel rejoiced on the day they finished rebuilding the wall around the city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah emphasizes that God gave the people the ability to rebuild the wall, and that He also gave them reason to rejoice. Not only the men who rebuilt the wall rejoiced, but everyone in Israel joined with them.

As you pray, place your self in the shoes of the people of Israel. After 70 years in exile they faced long years of rebuilding their city. Picture their joy and thankfulness to be safe inside he walls of the Holy City after nearly 100 years. As you consider God’s faithfulness in restoring His people, praise Him and thank Him for His faithfulness in your own life. Consider specific ways that God has been faithful to you, and give Him thanks for all He has done.

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