Nehemiah 12:43 – Verse of the Day 12/28/13

Nehemiah 12:43 Verse of the Day

The people of Israel rejoiced on the day they rebuilt the wall around the city of Jerusalem. Here as elsewhere in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah God was the source of the people’s joy. Nehemiah emphasizes that God enabled the people to rebuild the wall, and likewise that He gave them reason to rejoice. That even the women and children rejoiced (a notable inclusion for a people group surrounded by patriarchal assumptions about women’s roles in public ceremonies) underlines the significance of this event and the extent of their joy for what God had done.

As you pray, place your self in the shoes of the people of Israel. After 70 years in exile they faced long decades of rebuilding their city. Picture their joy and thankfulness to be safe inside he walls of the Holy City after nearly 100 years. As you consider God’s faithfulness in restoring His people, praise Him and thank Him for His faithfulness in your own life. Consider specific ways that God has been faithful to you, and give Him thanks for all He has done.

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