Psalm 103:1 – Verse of the Day 1/13/15

Psalm 103:1 Verse of the Day
Can you imagine what a party would be like if there was only one person invited? Would it be much fun? Celebrations are always more joyful if they are shared by many people.

This verse is from a psalm of thanksgiving. David joyfully expressed gratitude to God for all that He had done, both for himself and for the people of Israel. That means that David did two things at the same time. He praised God and he invited others to share in the celebration with him. David knew that praising God is more joyful if all God’s people join in together.

As you pray, consider God’s faithfulness to His people throughout history. How was God faithful to his people in the Old Testament? How was God faithful to his people in the New Testament? How has God been faithful to you? Consider all the things that God has done for you, especially for forgiving your sin and giving you eternal life. Praise God with joy in your heart for all He has done!

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