Psalm 105:43 – Verse of the Day 11/2/14

Verse of Day Psalm 105:43

Can you think of a song that was written to help us remember the past? We often sing songs like that at holidays or on days like the 4th of July in order to remind us of important events in our history. Such songs can be very powerful because they help us to remember the past in order to help us live in the present and future.

This psalm is just like those songs. It is a historical song that remembers the mighty acts of God in the Old Testament. God’s faithfulness to his promises is the central theme of the Psalm. Not only is this song in the book of Psalms, but it is also recorded in 1 Chronicles 16, one of the history books of the people of Israel. The people of Israel loved to sing about how God cared for them in the past, and this kind of singing was a regular part of worship in the Old Testament. God’s faithfulness to his promises was a source of great joy for them, and it should be for us as well.

Just as God’s mighty acts caused the people of Israel to burst into praise, we are called to remember God’s faithfulness and thank him in similar fashion. Spend some time thanking God for his care in your own life, thinking of specific examples of his faithfulness.

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