Psalm 107:9 – Verse of the Day 1/22/15

Psalm 107:9 Verse of the Day
Have you ever realized you had a bad habit and tried to stop it? One of the hardest things about kicking a bad habit is that you often do it without even thinking about it. If you don’t even realize you are doing something, it is hard to stop doing it! So how do you stop? The Bible teaches us that one of the best ways to stop sinning is not just to “stop doing it” but to replace that bad action with a good one.

Psalm 107 is a song of thanksgiving for God’s salvation, and it relates to the subject of sin as a habit. The people of Israel sang this song when they offered sacrifices to the Lord for their sins. In this verse, the Lord not only offers the forgiveness of sins, but he replaces our sinful desires with holy and good ones. He not only takes away the bad, but he replaces the bad with good. This truly is a cause for joy and thanksgiving.

Even though our sins are forgiven, we continue to struggle with temptation. Pray that the Lord to help you see that only His way can satisfy your soul. Praise God that He has called you to a living faith filled with good things!

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