Psalm 119:30 – Verse of the Day 10/22/14

Psalm 119:30 Verse of the Day
Many people act as if all rules are bad things that only keep us from doing what we want to do. Of course, the reality is that not all rules are bad. Good rules actually keep us safe and help us to live in a way that is best for us.

This verse is from a section of Psalm 119 that speaks of God’s faithfulness in protecting his people from shame and sorrow. It teaches us that obeying God’s Law leads to life and freedom and helps us to avoid shame and sorrow. The psalmist encourages us to choose the path of faithfulness and place God’s rules before ourselves. This is the way to freedom, wisdom, and satisfaction.

In our better moments we know that God’s Law is the only way to true life. As you pray, consider whether there are certain aspects of God’s Law that you struggle to believe are really good for you. Do you struggle with persistent sin in any given area? Ask the Lord for the will to believe His commands and the strength to follow Him. Thank Him for forgiving you when you fall and ask Him to help you to hide His truth in your heart so that your life will reflect your faith in Him and His truth.

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