Psalm 121:1-2 – Verse of the Day 7/7/14

Psalm 121:1-2 Verse of the Day

If you have ever hiked to the top of a tall mountain, flown in an airplane, admired a massive waterfall, or simply stopped to pay attention on a beautiful summer day, you may have noticed that it is hard not to stop and worship the amazing God who created this world. When we stop and pay attention to all God has made, we cannot help but recognize his power and place our trust in Him.

Jerusalem is located in an area surrounded by hills, so the image of this Psalm would have been a powerful one to its original audience. Furthermore, the Bible makes frequent appeals to Mt. Zion, the heavenly mountain that represents God’s future presence with His people. The psalmist called the people of Israel to reflect on the hope of God’s help, just as we are called to do the same thing.

It is truly an amazing gift that the God of heaven and earth would desire to help us. Although we are small, and our individual needs are infinitesimal, God is intimately concerned with our well-being and He calls us to wait patiently, trusting Him to care for us and help us. Praise Him and thank Him for this wonderful gift.

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